Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Displays in Your Home and Math in the Early Years

Parenting Partners ;),
The most recent trainings I've been working on and teaching focus on 'Displays' and 'Math' in the Early Years.
A fundamental key to the ROOTS philosophy is priortizing the child while taking initiative to foster positive communication in the child's world of home-providers-community.
Thank you to all of you that send digital pictures, comments and/or share examples from your home. You are making a positive difference and I encourage you to think of my email box as a home for your great ideas, finds, questions, etc.
Should any of you like to get together sometime to learn more about ways to work with your young child in math or learning more about ways to display your child's work and interests in the home, let me know.
We're developing a terrific team of parents, professionals and community members that are eager to share information in support of the whole child.
Thanks again, partners!

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