Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Talks this Thursday

Hello ladies!

If the weather and roads permit, we will be having a parenting circle this week about our favorite mama books. Please bring your favorite parenting resource book to share with us (we are going to be mean and say no Love & Logic this time, since we've talked about it quite a bit in the last year). And, if you could also bring a favorite kid book--either a baby board book you still are miraculously not sick of, toddler-friendly book, first chapter book...whatever leaps to mind as an all-time favorite.

We will be taking a few minutes to share our book finds with each other, so please bring a pen and piece of paper to jot things down. If this weather keeps up, we will all have to stock up on books to keep our kids from turning to indoor goo.

Tiffany & Carli