Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day at PS on 2/14/13

Hello Ladies!

This Thursday at PS we will be celebrating Valentine's Day! Angela had a great idea to create stations of activities for each of you to participate in, if you would like to!  We need you to help bring a couple of items if you would like to participate in certain stations!  I attached a couple of links to see the projects that you can make. 

Station 1: Pamper-A-Mom: At this station, you can receive and give a neck massage to another mom.  Angela and her friend will have other surprises at this station.

Station 2: Hand Station: Do your nails and create sugar scrub.  Please bring nail polish, nail clippers or anything else you may want to use to beautify your own nails!  

Station 3: Make a Valentine for your child AND craft: Please bring any broken crayons you may have in your child's crayon stash for this craft.

Station 4: Make an I Love You Because frame for your loved one, family member, child, or friend.  Please bring a 4x6 or 5x7 frame from around your house to do this project and if you want to have a special paper for the frame's background.  Scrapbook paper will be provided.

Station 5: Chocolate Fondue Station: Please bring your appetite!

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day! 

Stacey ;)