Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spread the word Cougar fans! PACK THE STANDS!

Next Saturday, May 2, the COUGS take on Stanford at Bailey-Brayton field. It will be a FOX Sports televised game. Let’s show the Northwest, FOX Sports, and especially our home team that we have the best fans in the nation!

Who: All COUGS!

What: Tailgate and Cougar Baseball

When: Saturday, May 2

Tailgate 11:30 am – 12:45

Game time 1pm

Where: Bailey-Brayton Field

Why: Because the sun will be shining, it’s as American as apple pie, this team has worked so hard, and nobody shows pride and support like a COUG! Bring a dish to share and your Cougar pride!

Weather permitting ~ Butch’s bouncy house will be up for the kids prior to game time.

Don’t miss out on the rest of the home games this season:

5/1 vs. Stanford Pullman 5:30 pm PT
5/2 vs. Stanford Pullman 1 pm PT
5/3 vs. Stanford Pullman 12 pm PT

5/9 vs. Oregon Pullman 7 pm PT
5/10 vs. Oregon Pullman 2pm PT
5/11 vs. Oregon Pullman 12pm PT

5/12 vs. Portland Pullman 5:30 pm PT
5/13 vs. Portland Pullman 2pm PT

5/22 vs. Huskies Pullman 5:30 pm PT
5/23 vs. Huskies Pullman 2pm PT
5/24 vs. Huskies Pullman 12pm PT

Thanks for you support! GO COUGS!

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