Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Notebook "Recipe/Instructions"

Some of you asked for an outline of the family notebook organizer I use. So, here's the basic format:
Using a standard notebook with front pocket (one that can fit into a diaper bag/is easy to grab-and-go/etc) designate the following areas:

- Pocket:

  • incoming mail and items you need to turn-and-burn that week
  • a couple thank you cards with stamped envelopes
  • notepad/daily list spiral

- Section 1: Monthly calendars (I print mine from my Outlook program every few months -- whatever wasn't scheduled at printing, I simply add with pen/pencil)

- Section 2: Kid Info

  • Copy of Certificate of Live Birth (I need these in my notebook for travel reasons; airlines, etc. request copies for children)
  • A simple Medical Record Table on an 8.5 x 11 Sheet for each of my kids (Date, Height, Weight, Vaccine, Misc.)

- Section 3: Phone Lists with most frequently used lists in the front (I have Mom's Groups, Neighborhood, Preschool, Church, Our official contact list -- Christmas card/Business Peeps, and House -- business cards of anyone who has worked on our house in any capacity stapled to paper, and then just old contact lists that I use infrequently but sometimes still need to reference)

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