Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cleaning Day on 11-8-12

1 yr old room & adult snack: Stacey Holsinger
2, 3 yr old room & adult snack: Tish O'Rourke
4, 5 yr old room & adult snack: Amy Singh
Bonus Snack: Angela Zavala

Hi Ladies, 

Tomorrow is cleaning day and it only takes about 40 minutes to complete the entire cleaning!  Please read the email below from Alex the PSILY Coordinator....

Hi all,
Here is the information on the Simpson UMW Women's Christmas Dinner that I mentioned at PS today.

UMW Women's Christmas Dinner
Thursday, December 6   6pm - 8pm
Tickets aren't on sale yet - but will be soon -I think they will be $10.  (I'll have more info on that when ticket sales begin!)

They are still looking for folks willing to host a table - which means you get to bring out all your fun holiday decorations, special china, fancy candlesticks etc  to decorate a table and can host 7 people (without having to either cook the meal or clean your house in preparation!)  

Here is the general  list of supplies that are needed to host a table...any of these things can also be borrowed from the church with advance notice.  (This is the list from last year, and I assume it will be the same unless there is a major change to the menu requiring something different this year - but you'll get plenty of notice of that after you sign up!)

Checklist for UMW Christmas Dinner Table Hostess Supplies
Table Cloth to fit over a 60” diameter round table
Place Settings for seven:  dinner plate, salad plate or bowl, cup and saucer, napkin
Flatware for seven: salad fork, dinner fork, knife, spoon
Serving Flatware:  Butter Knife, Meat Fork, 2 Serving Spoons, Salad Tongs or Serving Spoon & Fork
Water goblets for seven
Salad Serving Bowl
2 Serving Bowls for Potatoes and Green Beans
1 Meat Platter for Turkey
Bread Basket for rolls – may want to use a coordinating napkin for basket
Butter dish
Salt and Pepper Shakers with salt and pepper
Creamer Pitcher and Sugar Bowl – please bring sugar
Candles and something to put under the candles to contain wax drips
Lighter or book of matches for lighting candles
Box or plastic basket for holding dirty dishes
Shoe Box for dirty flatware
Tupperware containers for any unserved leftovers you may take home
Other incidentals (pins, tape, etc) you may need to decorate your table
Optional Hostess gift – not to exceed $1. per person
If you are interested in hosting a table - here is the person to contact:  (you can tell her you are a PS mom and I sent you!)

Kay Shew

Feel free to call or email me if you have any other questions!


See you tomorrow,