Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Parenting Circle on 10-25-12


1 yr old room & adult snack: Beth Pratt-Sitaula
2, 3 yr old room & adult snack: Nicci Loscalzo
4, 5 yr old room & adult snack: Nicky Johnson
Bonus Snack: Rachael Childs

Hi Ladies! 

This Thursday we will be discussing activities to do in the cooler months with our children, so bring ideas to share:) Sometimes these discussions end early, so bring a project from home if you want! 

Thank you Cynthia for a fabulous craft last week!  We appreciate all your time and effort in preparing a project for us.  Great job leading our Fire Drill last week Danielle; we appreciate your leadership! The Earthquake Drill and Tornado information by Beth and Shannon was a great reminder!  There is nothing like 33 women dropping underneath a table for a good reminder and a few laughs!  

We have a couple of Birthdays this month....Molly's is on the 16th, Emma's is on the 26th, and Kassia and Natialie's is on the 27th!  Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

Jana will be bringing her jewelry this week, be on the look out for some fabulous jewels!

Laura Menocal is due on the 27th.   The meal schedule completed by Jana is listed below...

A meal schedule has been created using, and you've been invited to participate!
Meals are needed for: Laura Menocal
If you would like to sign up, you can access the meal schedule by clicking here, or by and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Menocal) and password (Menocal).
I have included additional notes about this meal schedule below. If you have any questions, please let me know!



See you Thursday, 

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