Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome to P.S. I Love You 2009-2010!

Welcome! I look forward to meeting each of you on September 10th!

I have a few reminders:

  • In September, we will be using the outdoor playground, please dress your child/children appropriately.
  • Please don’t drop your child/children off prior to 8:45AM. (P.S. I Love You starts at 9:15 AM.)
  • This year, the teachers are instituting a policy of having BOTH parent and child/children wash their hands before doing any play or drop-off. This will help with general good-health practices and slow the spread of any flu germs. Additional information on the flu status at WSU and basics prevention can be found here CNN also had a good article on advice to parents regarding H1N1 which can be found here
  • If you haven't already, please contact Bridget regarding any allergies your child may have.

I am looking forward to a fabulous year! I look forward to seeing many old friends and meeting many new. On the first day, we will be getting to know the P.S. I Love You program, the facility and getting to know each other.

See you soon!


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